Each Step I Take

Each Step I Take

Some people just seem to be naturally clumsy. I prefer to call it directionally dysfunctional; it sounds nicer! Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and neuropathy and having lived with them most of my life, I can number myself amongst those that are “directionally dysfunctional.” Falling all over the place when I least expect it can be embarrassing and painful. There is one thing I have to do each time that happens, however; and that is to stand back up. Wheither I am able to stand on my own, pull up on my walker, or need the assistance of another, I always have to get up again.

In life, we fail and falter. Sometimes we land on our face. It is usually never intentional, but it happens. We are sometimes full of the best intentions. We go out into the spiritual battle on fire for God and excited, thinking nothing can stop us, not even the firey darts of hell. Sometimes we think we are invincible and because we are saved that nothing bad will happen to us. Life does not work that way; especially not the Christian life.

Sometimes things happen that we did not plan on; things that we certainly did not pray for. I know in my life I never planed to be twenty years old and using a walker. As a little girl my dreams did not include pain that makes me cry, no matter how hard I try not to. It certainly did not include embarrassing moments for the whole world to see!

So what does one do when they find themselves flat on their face, spiritually or literally? Do they lie there crying and hope no one sees them? Perhaps for a moment, but then they have to move their hands from their eyes and face reality. They have to get up!

Physically they may be able to stand on their own, but spiritually they need the hand of God. What a blessed day it is in a Christian’s life when they realize it is not what they can do, and it is not about them. It is all about what God can do and it has everything to do with Him.

It is when we find themselves fallen and unable to do a thing about it that God is able to do a work in our lives. God in His sovereign power knew all along what would happen. He could have stopped it, but He chose not to. Why? Because He has a perfect plan and we are privalidged to be a part of it! He has a lesson for us to learn, or perhaps a lesson to teach those who are watching us. We could lie there and refuse to get up, and we could throw in the towel, but what a waste it would be! I am so very thankful that I serve a God that knows each step I take!

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