One Step Forward

Memory Verse: “I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely…” Hosea 14:4

This week’s devotion is on “backsliding.” This represents things in my life that I keep bringing to the Lord, asking for His help. Things like…Bible reading, a better prayer life, a closer walk with Him. Also things like being a better wife and mother, keeping my home organized and clutter free. To be more friendly and not so withdrawn from people, to improve my self-image of myself.

I pray and ask the Lord for help in all these areas. I know He hears my prayers, because for awhile, things will improve. I read my Bible every day, I pray, and I feel closer to the Lord. Things improve at home as well.

Then it happens. Something will happen, or someone will say or do something that will cause me to falter in my resolve to do better. Some little doubt or fear will creep in and cause me to stumble again. I know the Lord is always there to pick me up and set me on my feet again, but I often wonder if He ever gets tired of that. Why do I allow those things into my life that I know will cause me to falter and stumble. When I am walking close to my Lord, and everything is wonderful, why do I allow things in that take that all away! I guess it is the age old battle of the “old man” versus the “new man.” Satan doesn’t want me to have a close relationship with my Lord. He delights in seeing me falter and fall away from that sweet fellowship with God. The harder he can make me fall, the better he likes it. I need to determine to not let circumstances and tribulations come my way, it is at those times that I need to draw closer to the Lord. I need to set my eyes on Him, and rely on His strength to get me through the storms.

I bought a framed picture just before Christmas, and I love the “verse” it has printed on it. It says, “Sometimes God calms the storm…Sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child.” This spoke volumes to my heart when I first saw it!

My prayer is that the Lord would indeed calm me when it is His will for me to go through the storm that is raging about me!

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  • Needed this one too. I can’t seem to get onto any kind of schedule or what but I think I am trying to hard with the I’s and this encouraged me to reach to God more. Thanks,

  • LeadingThemToHim:

    The Lord sure seems to be dealing with me in the area of housekeeping, especially. Boom, boom…now both feet hurt! ;)

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